Fashion Design and Dressmaking Course 2

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Gain the knowledge and practical skills to craft a range of garments, and add personal flourish for truly original pieces.

  • Receive the Regent Academy Diploma
  • Flexible home-study to fit learning around your life
  • Personal tutor support

£395* £316*   Enrol from £38.44

Entry Requirements

You will need foundation fashion design and dressmaking skills before starting this course. This can be achieved by enrolling on our Fashion Design and Dressmaking – course 1, unless you have equivalent experience.

Our Support Promise

You can phone or email your tutor at any point during your course –
to ask questions, for advice, encouragement or to draw on their wealth of knowledge.

You can also contact the support team who are here to help you Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

What you will learn

Lesson 1 - Tools and equipment - Beyond the Basics

  • Use of a range of additional items, e.g. machine attachments

Lesson 2 - Fabrics

  • Working with silkies, sheers and pile fabrics
  • Special seams and hem processes for specialist fabrics

Lesson 3 - Seams

  • Decorative approach to seams – top stitched, welt and slot

Lesson 4 - Closing and Fastening

  • Piped buttonhole (contrast)
  • Lacing
  • Rouleaux
  • Frog fastenings
  • Decorative zips

Lesson 5 - Pockets

  • Decorative pocket flaps
  • Shaped patch
  • Jetted

Lesson 6 - Controlling Fullness

  • Pleats
  • Soft pleats
  • Pressed pleats
  • Skirt vents

Lesson 7 - Embellishing Fabric

  • Decorative stitching
  • Couching
  • Tucks
  • Cross tucks
  • Ribbons
  • Lace

Lesson 8 - Painting and Colouring Fabric

  • Transfer crayons
  • Tie and dye
  • Simple block printing
  • Silk painting

Lesson 9 - Fashion Design Drawing

  • Recording your ideas
  • Adding colour
  • A working drawing
  • Working with a fashion template
  • Adding details: Module by Patrick John Ireland M.C.S.D.

Lesson 10 - Introduction to Pattern Cutting

  • Measuring the body
  • Resources required to cut patterns

Lesson 11 – Making up a Toile

Lesson 12 - Pattern Cutting 1

  • Camisole top

Lesson 13 - Pattern Cutting 2

  • Straight skirt

Lesson 14 - Pattern Cutting 3

  • 6-pannelled (gored) skirt

Lesson 15 - Pattern Cutting 4

  • Casual trousers

Lesson 16 - Pattern Cutting 5

  • Shirt blouse

Lesson 17 - In Conclusion

  • Where to go from here
  • A place to stitch

How Our Courses Work

Your first course materials will be sent to you when you enrol so you can start as soon as you want. You can then enjoy your course at your own pace, studying when it suits you and where it’s most comfortable. This gives you the freedom to learn around your existing job, family or other commitments or location (including overseas).

Course materials have been developed by experts and are clear and straightforward so your studying is easy and enjoyable.

All coursework assignments are included within your course. As you complete each assignment, simply send it to your tutor who will mark and return it along with valuable constructive feedback to help progress your skills further. (You can also contact your tutor or the support team for help at any point during your studies.) The remaining course materials will be sent to you as your assignments are completed.

After successfully completing all your assignments, you will be awarded the Regent Academy Diploma.

Study Length

There are no deadlines for this course. Simply study in the comfort of your own home, and in your own time.

Your progress will depend upon how much time you would like to commit to study. However, as a rough guide, students tend to complete this course in approximately 6-10 months*.

* Timescales are approximate and depend upon application and motivation.


Regent Academy Diploma

You will receive the Regent Academy Diploma when you successfully complete this course. With Regent Academy’s reputation this can be a highly sought-after addition to your CV and alongside your portfolio of coursework, powerfully showcasing your skills to prospective employers or potential clients.

You can add this achievement to your business cards, adverts, website, etc. to demonstrate to prospective employers and potential clients that you have achieved a qualification in fashion.

What's Next

Completing this course will enable you to create a range of garments, and help prepare you for a career in fashion – an industry supporting 797,000 jobs


You could turn what you’ve learned into a career, or apply it to your existing role. For advice and support, get in touch with one of our tutors, or contact our support team from 9am - 5pm.

Course fee & how to enrol

There are two ways you can enrol

Pay the total course fee of £395 £316 in one sum and receive a £50 voucher towards your next course
Pay 9 monthly payments of £47.22* £38.44* (£30 administration fee included)


Enrol on both our Fashion Design & Dressmaking Course 1 and 2 at the same time and save over £100

Pay the total course fees of £595* £476* in one sum and receive a £50 voucher towards your next course
Pay 12 monthly payments of £52.08* £42.16* (£30 administration fee included)

(Select the option for ‘Both Fashion Design & Dressmaking Course 1 and Course 2’ at enrolment)

* 2 courses must be undertaken by the one enrolled student. Other terms and conditions apply. Please call us for details.